George Lewis - 26 December 2019


In my daily life I hear relatively few advertisements. I don’t watch cable TV and I don’t listen to the radio. I do watch my fair share of YouTube and spend a lot of time on the internet - but I have an adblocker installed in all my browsers and on my phone I have an ad-less patched version of the YouTube client, so it’s not often I’m exposed to advertisements in that way.

But my parents do watch TV, and they listen to the radio too. I sat in my parents kitchen looking at our TV with a massive WalMart logo spanning the screen and for a split second it felt like looking at the wall of TVs at the store. Why am I voluntarily being advertised to in my own home? Sequences of adverts run for up to 10 minutes at a time. I took an Uber where ads were playing on the radio when I stepped in and that same sequence of ads was still playing when I got out.

Boxing week boxing week boxing week! Consume consume consume!

It’s so incredibly tiring trying to be sold to for several minutes straight.

Enough is enough, we’ve let this go too far. Even if you look at ads with the disposition that it “Won’t work on me” it has imprinted its image and jingle into your brain subconsciously. It needs to stop.